Split System

A wet cloth and a fan
simply don’t cut it in
the Australian summer.

 If you want to stay cool and comfortable within your own home, you need to consider a split system installation. Split system air conditioning can cool or heat almost any room in your house, from living rooms to bedrooms. They’re an economical and cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank, in terms of both the installation and your energy bills.

What is a split system?

Split systems are the most common form of climate control in residential houses and apartments. They’re called split systems because they involve two units: the fan coil located inside the house and the condenser located outside. In order to cool, the fan coil draws the warm air out of the room, allowing cool air to recirculate back inside. To warm, the heat pump runs in reverse, allowing warm air to be drawn inside.

The advantages of split systems


It may be working hard to keep you and your family comfortable, but you won’t notice a thing. Modern split system air conditioning operates in the background with drawing attention to itself, quietly and efficiently.


There’s no need to break the bank so you can be comfortable in summer and winter. Split system installation will give you cost effective and efficient heating and cooling that won’t send your bills through the roof.


Forget a bulky unit squatting on the windowsill. The modern spit system air conditioning unit blends seamlessly with the wall of your house, with all piping hidden inside the walls or enclosed within ducting.

Locations Serviced

We service Foster, Leongatha, Meeniyan, Toora, Fish Creek, Venus Bay and the Greater South Gippsland area.