Milk Vat Repairs

Promchill has extensive
experience working with
dairy farmers.

We understand how important milk vats are to the day-to-day running of the business and how vital it is that your equipment is running in prime condition and doing what it needs to. That’s why we provide an on-call service that can get your milk vats back up and operational quickly so you experience as little inconvenience as possible. You can rely on our timely response and our expertise to get the job done right the first time.

Promchill understands
your industry and needs

You have a complex business to run that requires all of your attention. Don’t add to the stress by worrying about stock losses due to equipment malfunction. Like so much in life, prevention is the best medicine. Talk to Promchill about scheduled servicing that will keep your milk vats running in optimum condition the year round. Get on top of the issue before it causes disruptions.

Why Promchill?

Prompt service

We’ve worked with dairy farmers for a long time. We know the business and how a malfunctioning milk vat brings everything to a grinding halt. This is why we make milk vat repairs a priority, ensuring we’ll arrive quickly so your business is back up and running with little inconvenience.

Experience & expertise

We’ve worked in this industry for a long time. We keep ourselves up to date with any advances in technology so we can service and repair all types of milk vats, regardless of brand or model.

Talk to the experts

Forget the automated response. Call Promchill and you’ll find yourself on the phone with the expert who’ll be repairing your equipment. Talk to somebody knowledgeable who understands your industry and your needs.

Locations Serviced

We service Foster, Leongatha, Meeniyan, Toora, Fish Creek, Venus Bay and the Greater South Gippsland area.