Cool Room, Fridge &
Freezer Repairs

When your refrigeration systems
malfunctions, time is money.

We understand how painful it is to watch vital food stocks go to waste while you wait for cool room, fridge or freezer repairs. From our extensive experience in the commercial refrigeration industry, we know the importance of prompt service that you can rely on. Promchill can have your cool room, fridges or freezers back up and running quickly and efficiently so you can minimise your profit and stock loss.

Get peace of mind
with Promchill

You have a complex business to run that requires all of your attention. Don’t add to the stress by worrying about stock losses due to equipment malfunction. Like so much in life, prevention is the best medicine. Talk to Promchill about scheduled servicing that will keep your cool rooms, fridges and freezers running in optimum condition the year round. Get on top of the issue before it causes disruptions.

Why Promchill?

Quick response

We know the importance of refrigeration equipment to your business. Our response time is vital to your stock and profit, so we make cool room, fridge and freezer repairs a priority call.

Experience & expertise

We have extensive experience in the commercial refrigeration industry. We’re up to date with any technological advances and we can service and repair any cool room, fridge or freezer, no matter the brand or model.

Talk to an expert

Forget the automated response. Call Promchill and you’ll find yourself on the phone with the expert who’ll be repairing your equipment. Talk to somebody knowledgeable who understands your industry and your needs.

Locations Serviced

We service Foster, Leongatha, Meeniyan, Toora, Fish Creek, Venus Bay and the Greater South Gippsland area.